Semi Permanent Makeup, Botulinum Injections (anti wrinkle), Fillers and Vampire Facial Prices

Treatment Price
Deposit £50
Eyebrow Enhancement
Treatment Price
Powdered Brow Effect £350
Three Dimensional Hair Stroke Effect £350
Microbladed Brows £300
Ombre Brows £350
Combination Brow (Powdered + Hair Stroke) £395
Part Brow £195
Scars in Brows £150
Mens Brows £495
Eye Enhancement
Treatment Price
Eyelash Enhancement Top Or Bottom £295
Eyelash Enhancement Top & Bottom £350
Baby Eyeliner Top & Lash Enhancement Top & Bottom £ 425
Latino Eyeliner £450
French Pearl Eyeliner £450
Lip Enhancement
Treatment Price
Lip Liner £350
Lip Blush £395
Full Lip Colour £495
Treatment Price
Brows £450
Eyeliner (With Lash) £495
Re-Touch Per Area
Treatment Price
After 18 months it will be full price.
Within 3-6 Months Of Initial Treatment £100
Within 6-12 Months Of Initial Treatment £150
Procedures Between 12-18 Months £185
PDO Threads
Treatment Price
PDO Threads £250 - £750 per area. Contact me for a better quote.
Laser Tattoo Removal and Correction
Treatment Price
We can only give you an estimate of how many procedures. Please contact us for a quote with the size of the area you are wanting to be removed.
Body Tattoo Starting from £40 per area per session.
Eyebrow Laser Removal Starting from £80 per session
Anti Wrinkle (Botulinum) Injections
Treatment Price
You must see my nurse prescriber to obtain your prescription for Anti Wrinkle injections.
1 Area £130
2 Areas £180
3 Areas £230
Fillers - Lips, Cheeks, Nose-mouth lines, Fine Lines, Acne Scars
Treatment Price
Fine Lines £185
Cheek Fillers £395
Lip Augmentation Starting at £200 for 1ml Syringe
Deep line Fillers £200
Treatment Price
6 x 1ml Syringe £195
Course of 3 sessions £495
Treatment Price
1 Treatment to the face £195
Course of 3 sessions £495
hyperhydrosis - excessive under arm sweating treatment
Treatment Price
Both Under Arms £495 for both
Purebeau Fibroblast Prices
Treatment Price
Includes a free top up 8 weeks after initial treatment. Additional treatments will be offered at a reduced rate. Maximum of 4 sessions per area.
Purebeau Fibroblast Upper Eye Lids £550.00
Purebeau Fibroblast Under Eyes £400.00
Purebeau Fibroblast Crows Feet £295.00
Purebeau Fibroblast Upper / Lower Eyes *inc Crows Feet free £795.00
Purebeau Fibroblast Full Neck £1000.00
Purebeau Fibroblast Part Neck POA
Purebeau Fibroblast Nasolabia Folds £250.00
Purebeau Fibroblast Upper Lips - Smokers Lines £450.00
Purebeau Fibroblast Upper / Lower Lip to Chin Area £800.00
Purebeau Fibroblast Full Face £2000.00

At least 48 hrs is required to move or cancel an appointment else consultation price will be non redeemable.

All treatments other than consultation require a 2 hour time slot.